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Modern Wushu

Modern wushu consists of drilling and performing forms (taolu). A form is a routine or set of movements put together into a performance.

Routines are usually performed solo but can be performed by two or three practitioners together. Empty hand and weapons both exist in wushu forms.

Superstar Jet Li spent his childhood learning modern wushu - that should be enough to convince you to start!

In modern wushu, importance is placed on speed, beauty of movements, force, difficulty and presentation. Forms have been standardized over the past few decades to create a universal standard for competition and training. The most common styles trained and offered in each of our programs are: Chang Quan (long fist), Nan Quan (southern fist), Staff, Broadsword, Straightsword, Spear.

When placed alongside other martial arts, wushu stands out for it's elegant jumps, flips, and crazy spinning kicks. As a child and teenager, film star Jet Li also learnt wushu in Beijing. He then went on to win the title of national champion for five years straight.

Wushu was considered for several years for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Although wushu is not officialy an Olympic sport yet, it will be an honorary event at the 2008 games.

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