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Wing Chun

Learn one of the most practical styles of Chinese martial arts around, the art that Bruce Lee based his fighting on.

Master Wang, one of China's foremost martial arts masters, coaches our Wing Chun program. This video introduces Wing Chun and Master Wang himself.

Wing Chun is a centuries old martial arts system with origins in the Shaolin Temple, and based on scientific principles of body mechanics. Wing Chun is the original style of martial arts studied by Bruce Lee and later incorporated into his arts. It is the art of choice for special tactics teams throughout the world.

Lessons include an introduction to the fundamentals and basic principles of the art, and then evolve to include all components of the Wing Chun system such as: forms, hand and foot applications, "sticky hands" and sensitivity drills, wooden dummy, real life situations and free boxing.

Class is held from Tuesday through Sunday with Monday free. Classes are from 9AM to 11AM and 3PM to 5PM. Classes are conducted by Master Wang Zhi Peng, a disciple of Li Heng-Chang and certified under the Hong Kong Ving Tsun Athletic Association. Master Wang's Grandmaster was Bruce Lee's senior classmate and student of Yip Man, the founder of modern Wing Chun.

Master Wang

Wing Chun Training

As with all our programs, outside of class you will be able to join in on some of the great activities we hold, from ski and snowboard trips in the winter to martial arts games in the parks and foam parties in the summer!

Regular excursions are available to areas around Beijing and to nearby towns. Lectures and workshops on Chinese calligraphy, opera and drama, martial arts, and more are also regularly held near the campus.

The Wing Chun program takes place in Master Wang's official Wing Chun training centre in South-Eastern Beijing. The training centre is located in a calm suburb outside Beijing's fourth ringroad. This doesn't mean life out there isn't exciting though; a suburb in Beijing is the size of many medium-sized European cities!


Students don't currently have the option to live on campus and Master Wang's training centre doesn't offer accommodation. Lodging is in a hotel near the training centre, only a few minutes walk away.

Hotel rooms are equipped with:

Desks, cupboards, etc



Private bathroom / shower

Air conditioning

Washing room for clothing

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