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Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera combines singing, acrobatics, dance and more into a breathtaking performance of Chinese culture.

Learn China's most traditional opera among the pros at Beijing's largest centre for the study of theatre.

Traditional Beijing Opera arose in the late 18th century and became fully developed and recognized by the mid-19th century. Performers utilize symbolic movements, speech, song, dance, and combat, rather than keeping wit reality. The skill of performers is evaluated above all else according to the beauty of their movements.

You have the option to choose one of two specializations, traditional opera or traditional dance. The dance program focuses more on the physical aspects of traditional Chinese dance, while the opera program is all encompassing, dance, acrobatics, mock combat and singing.

Class is held from Monday through Friday either in the morning or afternoon. Some days class may be in the afternoon while other days may be in the morning. The final arrangement or your timetable will be decided upon arrival in China. Each session (morning or afternoon) lasts 3 hours.

Students perform Beijing Opera

Traditional make-up

As with all our programs, outside of class you will be able to join in on some of the great activities we hold, from ski and snowboard trips in the winter to martial arts games in the parks and foam parties in the summer!

Regular excursions are available to areas around Beijing and to nearby towns. Lectures and workshops on Chinese calligraphy, opera and drama, martial arts, and more are also regularly held on campus.

Our Beijing Opera program takes place in South-Western Beijing, in an unusual and interesting part of the city. The campus is equipped with sports facilities, excellent training areas and of course a top quality theatre.


Students usually choose to stay on campus, within easy access of classes, the cafeteria and local bus stations. All floors are equipped with a kitchen and place to wash your clothes.

All rooms on campus are equipped with:

Desks, cupboards, etc



Private bathroom / shower

Broadband internet access

Air conditioning

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