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Martial Arts

Learn Chinese martial arts from some of the country's most famous masters and coaches.

Choose from any number of styles such as chang quan (long fist), sword, staff, Chinese kickboxing, tai chi, and more.


Wushu or Kung Fu is a broad term that includes Chinese traditional martial arts, kickboxing, breathing techniques, modern acrobatic martial arts and much more.

Learn modern Chinese martial arts (wushu), Chinese Kickboxing (sanda), or Tai Chi. If you would like to learn more than one of these styles you may alternate your classes, studying a month of kickboxing and a month of Tai Chi for example.

Training Schedule

Monday-Friday Mornings: 8:00 - 10:30
Weekends No training

For private afternoon classes please contact us for more details.

Course content for wushu includes Chang Quan (long fist), Nan Quan (Southern fist), sword, broadsword, staff, and spear. Tai Chi includes Yang and Chen styles while Sanda training includes punches, kicks, combinations and take-downs.

We also hold extra personal classes on afternoons and weekends . Here we offer some fun styles of wushu not taught in the mornings, such as Shaolin, praying mantis, drunken boxing, acrobatics, xingyi, bagua etc. Contact us at for details on extra classes.

More Info:

Modern Wushu


Tai Chi

The Haidian university district, where most of our programs take place, is the student heart of Beijing, combining a studious atmosphere with a young and fun lifestyle. Study centres and bookshops are found in the area, as are great restaurants, bars, karaoke clubs and nightclubs. Haidian is the place to be if you're young!

When not in class, check out any number of the great activities our team puts on, from ski and snowboard trips in the winter to martial arts games in the parks and foam parties in the summer!


Students of our martial arts program usually choose to stay on campus, within easy access of classes, buses and subway station.

All rooms on campus are equipped with:

Desks, cupboards, etc



Private bathroom / shower

Broadband internet access

Air conditioning

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