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Chinese Food

Kung Pow Chicken? Sweet and sour pork?

Chinese culinary history is some of the oldest in the world, and food is one of the most respected and important aspects of life in China.

Chinese food is also really really good! Have a look at some of the tasty dishes you might stumble across in Beijing.


From bubble tea to Tsingtao beer, you can find most anything to drink in China.

Not only is there no shortage of Chinese beverage, but just about anything from around the world can be found in Beijing.


Beijing is a booming city, and like any other city (particularly one with a population of 15 million) the scene at night offers just about whatever you might be looking for.

Outdoor rooftop bars, classy clubs, dingy underground cafes and even a bar/restaurant in a maze are all to be found in Beijing.


As with any big city, you can find just about anything. The fact that an enormous percentage of everything produced in the world is made in China keeps prices down and means that almost anything is easily available.

Have a look at some of Beijing's top shopping spots, whether you're looking for electronic goods, fur coats or bargain hunting for DVDs.

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