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Welcome to Bridges to China!!

Learn Kung Fu (Shaolin, modern wushu, weapons) with masters, study Chinese language in Beijing or take a crash course in doing business in China.

Bridges to China offers people around the globe the chance to experience and enjoy China. Learn martial arts, Chinese language and Chinese culture in China.

But there's more to China than just studying, and we're here to show you how to make the most out of your trip - how to have a great time whilst learning the most you can!

Short-term packages now available at discount prices!

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"The new Jet Li", Zhao Qingjian is China's most medalled martial arts master and one of our new instructors!
University Summer Program!

As of 2010 Bridges to China has started offering a specialised summer program for students at certain universities in Vancouver, Canada. This six week program is worth six academic credits and is based on a mix of classroom teaching, partner based learning, fun activities and travel.

For more information check out our University Summer Program page.

Great Wall Camping Trip!

This is a regular trip we hold for participants of all our study programs, camping on the ancient Great Wall of China! We hike up to an abandoned part of the ancient wall, to a section that hasn't been renovated, and camp in a guard tower. Good times are always had, although it can get a little chilly at night!

For more information on our excursions visit the Excursions page.

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